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Hollywood’s Hottest Hair Cut



LOS ANGELES, CALIF. – Caption Jennifer Lawrence stunned in a sheer Dior gown at last night’s Los Angeles “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” premiere. I am loving her short new do, which has become Hollywood’s hottest haircut.

“The Pixie cut is a bold move for anyone, and that is what makes it great,” says Warren-Tricomi stylist Jennifer Audeon. “Jennifer Lawrence is a stunning woman with any hair, yet she had taken the chance is cutting it all off.”

She’s not the only one! Pam Anderson, Jennifer Hudson and Kristen Chenoweth have also gone for the chic chop.

“I highly recommend every woman to, at least once in their life, to cut it all off,” Jennifer says. “You will be surprised at the attention you will receive, along with all the compliments.”

Here are a few things to consider if you are thinking about going short…

Glam Slam: What should you ask for at your hairdresser to achieve this look?

Jennifer Audeon: When going to your hairdresser, make sure it is someone you really trust. If you are unsure, it might be time to shop for a new salon. Always start with a consultation before diving into the cut. Start with questions like, ‘What is my face shape?’ and ‘What compliments my face shape?’ Then move into, ‘Will I be able to have a short haircut with my hair texture?’ ‘Do I have enough hair or do I have too much? This is my styling regimen at home, will I still be able to enjoy my style?’ This particular question is imperative. Some people spend many hours on their hair in a week because they like a certain sleekness or a certain amount of volume. Others have hair types that can be washed and air dried. When coming closer to making your final decision on whether or not you will be cutting your hair ask, ‘How often will I need a haircut?’ Short hair can require more maintenance. For some, this is fine, for others, being in the salon once a month is too much. Lastly, ask questions about color. Many departmentalized salons can forget to set you up with both a colorist and a stylist. For some, a short haircut can look twice as good if the color is tailored to it!

GS: What are some tips for how to style?

Jennifer: Be sure to invest in some great product for short hair. I like to use a product called VoCe Smooth Me Cream to get the hair sleek and shiny. Make sure to have a flat brush and a good working blow dryer with a concentrator attached. Product is important when styling short hair because it really defines the angles and compliments the femininity of the face. Use a flat brush to blow dry your hair side to side to neutralize any cowlicks. This may be the most important styling tip for short hair. If you have any cowlicks or whorls, even a stubborn hairline, you will want those things to not be present with your new haircut!

GS: What face shape and hair texture does this cut work best for?

Jennifer: I am a hairdresser that firmly believes anyone can have any haircut as long as it is tailored to their face shape and hair texture. That does not always mean a client walks out with the haircut they came in wanting. Being realistic about haircuts and hairstyles is a difficult task when your excited about a new look.

Try to find haircuts you like with people who may resemble you esthetically. For those with oval face shapes, any haircut is ideal, because oval is the most ideal shape. People with square or round shapes should be more careful because short hair can emphasize that. At the end of it, If done by the right person, and you are open to suggestions, you will leave feeling as great, and looking as good as Jennifer Lawrence.

- Ryan Patterson

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