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Los Angeles Wants a Registry of How Much Rent Everyone is Supposed to Be Paying

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Image via Cole Martin / Curbed LA flickr pool “Hundreds” of renters who live in rent-controlled apartments are subject to illegal rent increases each year, but a new city program in the works looks to significantly cut those numbers down. An LA City Council committee is discussing today a new registry that would require landlords to report how much rent […]

Los Angeles’s Big Plan For Pulling Out of Its Housing Crisis

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[Image via Steve Willard / Curbed LA flickr pool] Today, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti released his Sustainable City Plan, a detailed and ambitious set of goals aimed at transforming LA into a better city over the next two decades. The environmentally-focused game plan hits on everything from earthquake preparation to “green jobs,” says KPCC, and also includes a […]

Where Have All of Los Angeles’s Mega-Rich People Gone?

Subprime profiteer Jeff Greene’s estate in Beverly Hills In 2013, Los Angeles had 4,520 mega-rich people, aka ultra high net worth individuals, aka people with more than $30 million in net assets; it had the fifth most mega-rich after New York, London, Tokyo, and San Francisco. Today it has969 mega-rich people and is ranked twentieth. Where have the mega-rich […]

Sharp ’60s Modern in Crestwood Hills Seeks Second Owner Ever

Brentwood’s celebrated Modern architecture tract Crestwood Hills originally contained 150 residences designed by the team of A. Quincy Jones, Whitney Smith, and Edgardo Contini. Regrettably, one-third of those houses were destroyed by the devastating wildfire that ravaged Brentwood and Bel Air in November 1961. Now hitting the market for the first time ever is a Crestwood Hills house erected […]

Nelson Shelton News!

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Downtown’s 1929 Foreman & Clark  Building Going Mixed-Use  [Image via Wikimedia Commons] Another intriguing historical building is going mixed-use Downtown: the 1929Foreman & Clark building on Seventh and Hill Streets is set to transform into a residential building with a bar and restaurants. Building LA spotted the adaptive reuse plans for the 13-story building, which were submitted to the city at the end […]

Gehry’s Schnabel House in Brentwood Flipping For $15 Million

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In a wholly unsurprising development in the real-life game of Monopoly played by producer Michael LaFetra, the serial trophy house collector has put his Frank Gehry-designed Schnabel House up for sale on the open market. One of only 28 single-family residences designed by Gehry, the property was built in 1989 for Rockwell Schnabel, a former ambassador to Finland, and […]