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Los Angeles’s Big Plan For Pulling Out of Its Housing Crisis

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 12.40.27 PM
[Image via Steve Willard / Curbed LA flickr pool] Today, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti released his Sustainable City Plan, a detailed and ambitious set of goals aimed at transforming LA into a better city over the next two decades. The environmentally-focused game plan hits on everything from earthquake preparation to “green jobs,” says KPCC, and also includes a […]

Mass Rent-Control Evictions Are on the Rise in Santa Monica

[Image via Nardella Photo Album] Los Angeles and San Francisco have some some positive things in common:great burritos, a dense urban core. Now it looks like they’re about to have some very negative things in common too: an influx of technorati, skyrocketing rents, and rampant abuse of the Ellis Act, which makes it a lot easier for landlords to evict their […]

Huge Spotlights Will Light Up the LA Sky From Echo Park to Santa Monica This Friday

marathon lights
For one night, the entire 26-mile route of the LA Marathon, which starts at Dodger Stadium and runs all the way to Santa Monica, will be lit up by spotlights pointing up at the sky. The installation will use 124 spotlights that together will be as bright as 29,100 light bulbs, and the whole thing should be visible […]

Where Have All of Los Angeles’s Mega-Rich People Gone?

Subprime profiteer Jeff Greene’s estate in Beverly Hills In 2013, Los Angeles had 4,520 mega-rich people, aka ultra high net worth individuals, aka people with more than $30 million in net assets; it had the fifth most mega-rich after New York, London, Tokyo, and San Francisco. Today it has969 mega-rich people and is ranked twentieth. Where have the mega-rich […]

LA Live’s Marriott/Ritz-Carlton is Getting a 38-Story Expansion

JW Tower A highres
Fig Central and Metropolis aren’t the only huge projects planned around LA Live in South Park. LA Live/Staples owner AEG is planning to cross over Olympic so it can add 755 rooms in a 38-story tower to its JW Marriott/Ritz Carlton hotel, which opened in 2010 with 878 rooms in the former and 123 in the latter (plus condos!). The plan is […]

How an Old Highland Park Phone Booth Became a Tiny Library

For nearly 13 years, book designer and artist Amy Inouye has worked out of herFuture Studio office, on Figueroa in Highland Park (also home of the giantChicken Boy statue). Over the years, she’d walk to local restaurants and businesses on the busy street and every time she did she’d pass this same hollow phone booth on the corner of […]

Urban renters who own pets pay an average of 3.5 percent more!

Pets (1)
Rental Affordability For Pet Owners By Major Metropolitan Area The data compiled by HotPads shows that renters with pets can pay drastically more in rent each month depending on where they live in the U.S. In Manhattan, renters pay an average of $300 more per month than renters without pets, while renters in Los Angelestypically don’t pay any additional […]

Los Angeles’s Young People Are Refusing to Leave in Droves

[Image via Lucy Rendler-Kaplan / Curbed LA flickr pool] Los Angeles is a destination for all kinds of people, but especially young people looking to start their successful adult lives; and, as it goes with growing up, usually they either make it and move out or give up and move out. But what’s happening in these post-recession days […]