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John Lautner’s Sexy Modern Castle in Bev Crest Asking $21MM


Many architects and “architects” have attempted the castle look, but only John Lautner could make it look good (and believably dramatic and genuinely sexy, etc. etc.). His 1982 Schwimmer House is a rainbow-shaped fortress in Benedict Canyon that was built along six stone “turrets” (inside they’re bathrooms, a bar, a pantry, and a stairway), with long terraces curving around its front and a pool pavilion cantilevered below. The house comes with five bedrooms (including a master with a built-in bed) and five and a half bathrooms altogether, plus a library, all on 4.33 acres. Now it’s up for sale for the first time since the ’90s, asking $21 million.

Adrian Glick Kudler

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