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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Bea Arthur’s Estate Selling Her Long-Time Home in the Brentwood Wilds For $16 Million

Arthur via Everett Collection / From 1975 until her death in 2009, this bucolic spread in Brentwood’s Sullivan Canyon was the home of Bea Arthur: actress, activist, gay icon, star of Maude and the Golden Girls. In 1998, she told A&U magazine “This is country out here…I can walk around without anything on and nobody cares, and it’s just lovely.” The estate, […]

What Would the Three’s Company Apartment in Santa Monica Cost Today?

Just look how many people fit in this living room comfortably. They’re not even using half of the space! Photo via Getty Images. The late-1970s sitcom Three’s Company is a testament to the eternal wackiness of renting in Santa Monica. In case you somehow don’t know, the show is about two young women (Janet and Chrissy) who need […]