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Urban renters who own pets pay an average of 3.5 percent more!

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Rental Affordability For Pet Owners By Major Metropolitan Area The data compiled by HotPads shows that renters with pets can pay drastically more in rent each month depending on where they live in the U.S. In Manhattan, renters pay an average of $300 more per month than renters without pets, while renters in Los Angelestypically don’t pay any additional […]

Los Angeles’s Young People Are Refusing to Leave in Droves

[Image via Lucy Rendler-Kaplan / Curbed LA flickr pool] Los Angeles is a destination for all kinds of people, but especially young people looking to start their successful adult lives; and, as it goes with growing up, usually they either make it and move out or give up and move out. But what’s happening in these post-recession days […]

There Are 98 Wild Animals Allowed to Live and Work in LA

[Photo via Sergio Ruiz / Alligator via Shutterstock] Los Angeles is truly wild: there are sharks in the Venice canals and alligators in the Valley, one of which is nearly 40 years old, eight feet long, and might have been responsible for a number of missing pets in the neighborhood over the decades. (Another smaller alligator turned up in North Hills shortly […]